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In the last few issues, we’ve already published about the Climate Change and COP24. Although a small number of scientists, multinational entrepreneurs, and conservative politicians deny this global phenomenon, climate change is affecting our lives to the point where its destructive impact is already inevitable and irreversible. It not only implies that visible and local events such as super typhoons, rising sea levels as the glaciers melt, but droughts and floods would also occur more frequently. But it also means that the whole ecosystem is severely being affected on the microscopic and macroscopic levels which are invisible to us. It’s due to the density of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere exceeds 400ppm, which is a worrying level, much earlier than scientists predicted. The matrix of life is being subjected to irreparable damage, to which the human being is responsible. The Encyclical Laudato Si’tells us that this is the scientific, ethical, and theological truth we have to recognize.

We Franciscans attending the Climate Conference (COP) will organize several events to share and show this vision in the spirit of dialogue and of solidarity.


The first event we organize is a two-day formation meeting with the Polish brothers and sisters to share the necessary information and perspectives of the Church and Franciscan spirituality on this global issue. The conference is for the friars of initial and ongoing formation (Nov. 23rd) and laity of the parishes, schools, OFS, YOUFRA, scouts, etc. (Nov. 24th). The main speaker is Br. Jacek Orzechowski, OFM from the Holy Name Province, USA, who is a member of the JPIC Animation Committee. He will give three-session course on Christian and Franciscan perspective over climate change. We expect a good number of participants to this meeting.

On Dec. 2, there will be interfaith events and a climate march. The formats are not yet finalized, but there would be spiritual moments, prayer services, network meeting, some stunts, and statements, etc. The interfaith group organizes them in Geneva. The Franciscan delegates will take part in them.

The third event is a Franciscan climate conference on Dec. 3. The theme is “Climate Crisis and the Role of the Faith Community for Climate Justice.” The confirmed panels are, Br. Jacek Orzechowski, OFM; Br. Stanisław Jaromi, OFM Conv.; Junghee Min (ICE Network); Budi Tjahjono (Franciscans International); Igor Bastos (GCCM); and Br. Rodrigo Peret, OFM (the moderator). And we expect one or two more panels from international NGOs, such as Friends of the Earth International.

We ask your prayer, support, and participation in our events during COP24. And we were hoping you could stand in solidarity with the victims of environmental inequality and injustice.

Br. Rufino Lim, OFM
Assistant, JPIC General Office – Rome