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“The General Office for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) at the Curia of the Friars Minor assists the Minister General and his Definitorium by animating and coordinating all that which has to do with Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation, in conformity with the General Constitutions, the General Statutes, and the decisions of General Chapters and Plenary Councils of the Order” (JPIC-SS, Art. 1)



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Climate Pilgrimage to Myanmar

It was the first climate pilgrimage prepared by the OFM JPIC Commission of the Korean Province, Green Asia, and ICE-Network since last year. The global climate crisis is already happening in the world. It’s evident when we look at wildfires in forests and droughts. And the poor and the vulnerable are crying out for immediate action for justice. However, there is no consensus in Korea on the issue. The Korean governments and the people are either ignorant or neglecting this global problem. People are struggling to survive in a fierce competition to acquire more economic prosperity rather than to feel the responsibility for the disasters, even though they are responsible for massive carbon emission and the climate crisis.

A further project developed by the franciscans in Malta to promote integral ecology

The course ‘Mimicking Natural Ecosystems – Growing Food Sustainably’ is meant to be yet another tool in the rediscovery of a better quality of life through simple and archaic processes such as agriculture. It aims at helping participants strengthen their connection to all that exists, while learning clean and sustainable ways of practicing agriculture.

“Chile’s waken up.” … “We are not at war.”

“Chile’s waken up” is an anthem we have sung in the demonstrations. We sing it to tell the government, the politicians, the businessmen and all those who have allowed social inequalities that enough is enough. The social awakening is happening in various forms of demonstration, both peaceful and violent, and protests on the street and in the different churches and spiritual traditions on the days of reflection and prayer (although they are not visible by the mass media). “Chile’s waken up” is an expression of each and every citizen in the country, calling for a structural, profound transformation that would allow us to overcome injustices. But it is also no less true that if we want to ask for changes in the economic model, we must also do so in our lifestyle which is shaped by that same model, lacking fundamental human values ​​such as equality, justice and equity. We should bring changes in a competitive, selfish, individualistic and consumerist lifestyle, changes to a collaborative lifestyle of solidarity. This movement means waking up to get out of oneself by opening to a more fraternal (serving each other) social coexistence.

Pilgrimage to Damietta for the Franciscan Spirit of Dialogue

Throughout the pilgrimage, all the participants have prayed for the genuine Peace in the world, keeping in mind the fact that today’s world needs the interreligious and intercultural dialogue and that our vocation lies in the fraternal attitude of openness that shines through in the life of Jesus Christ and St. Francis.

Seminar on West Papua in Rome

On 2 October, West Papua Network in Rome organized the seminar “West Papua, a Neglected Heaven – Justice and Human Rights based on the Gospel value” at Augustinianum in Rome to address the issue of human rights violation of indigenous West Papuan people.

First JPIC Province-wide workshop

From October 25 to 27, 2019, the first JPIC Commission Worshop was held in Calpan, Puebla (Mexico). The objective was to let the wider Franciscan family of the Holy Gosepl Province (Mexico City) gain a deeper insight into JPIC as well as its three main lines of action: Laudato si’, migration and extractivism.