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On Wednesday, March 15, at the OFM General Curia, Br. Daniel Rodriguez Blanco, OFM and Br. Taucen Hotlan Girsang, OFM of the JPIC General Office received the representatives of Franciscan Missions based in the United States of America, Br. James Gannon, OFM (Minister Provincial), Br. Andrew Brophy, OFM (Executive Director) and Br. Gil Noriega, OFM. It was a fraternal rather than a formal visit.

Franciscan Missions provides direct financial support to the Franciscan Order’s missions around the world. The funds support orphanages, soup kitchens, medical clinics, sustainable water projects, and the development of farms to feed and teach others to farm.

Br. James shared the types of services they are carrying out and explained various challenges they are currently facing, as well as the number of supports and projects being handled, including some related works of JPIC.

Br. Daniel and Br. Taucen also explained what they are implementing for JPIC Rome according to the decisions of the General Chapter, which were then translated by the Animators of the International Council in Brazil into the Declaration of Petropolis 2022.

In the final part, the JPIC friars presented the priority issues related to the needs of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean and in Latin America, as well as the formation, works and services of JPIC in Rome, in the USA and in other continents. For the Office, the important thing is always collaboration and good communication with the Franciscan JPIC Animators of the Order.

Br. Taucen Girsang

Br. Daniel Rodriguez Blanco