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The second day of the International Council of JPIC that is taking place from November 20th to 27th in the hill town of Petropolis, Río de Janeiro, Brazil, was marked by the presentation of the Animators’ reports from every Franciscan Conference in the world including the Holy Land.

The reports focused on regional contexts. In them were presented the realities of pain and suffering that both the poor and Mother Earth continue to go through as a result of the desire for domination and exploitation. The speakers shared the responses that their entities offer to these dehumanizing situations from the activities inspired by Franciscan spirituality, recognizing the generosity and sensitivity of so many men and women who work alongside the Franciscan brothers. 

 Similarly, in the afternoon, the JPIC General Office, in the person of its Director, had the opportunity to present to the CIJPIC participants its report inspired by the one presented during the 2021 General Chapter. In addition, it was a moment to recognize and thank the tireless work done in these years by the brothers who carried out this Office, namely, Br. Jaime Campos, OFM, Br. Rufino Lim, OFM and Br. Ángelito Cortez, OFM.

With the aim of making present the agreements of the last two CIJPIC, Br. Angelito reminded the brothers of the Declarations born in the Verona 2016 and the Jerusalem 2019 meeting. At the end, criteria were offered to be taken into account for the drafting of the final document of the meeting that brought together brothers of more than 14 nationalities. 

The local fraternity closed the day by offering the JPIC animators a concert with the “Canarinhos Choir” of Petrópolis.