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The International Council was coming to an end. But before that, some action proposals had to be drawn up to carry out the general lines approved the day before. In the same way, Fr. Angelito presented again the draft of Petrópolis 2022 Declaration which incorporated the observations that had been made at the friars’ assembly.

Not finding consensus around some parts of the proposal, the Animation Committee was asked to offer, after lunch, some edits to both the content and wording of the Declaration.

On the other hand, Br. Daniel Rodríguez Blanco, OFM, presented to the assembly some projects that were being promoted by the JPIC General Office such as the World Youth Day Lisbon 2023 and the Franciscan Centennial 2023-2026. Furthermore, the international JPIC courses for the upcoming years have been approved, the content of which will be related to the Franciscan Centennial.

The brothers joined the local parish community in celebrating the Eucharist at 4:15 PM on the First Sunday of Advent, which took place at the Sacred Heart Church in Petropolis to mark the conclusion of the International Council for JPIC (ICJPIC).  Br. Marcos Antônio de Andrade, OFM, Secretary of Formation and Studies of the Immaculate Conception Province presided at the Mass. The homily was given by Br. Daniel Rodríguez Blanco, OFM.  Before the final blessing, the members of the International Council for JPIC were presented to the wider parish community. 

The last meeting of the ICJPIC focused on approving the Petrópolis 2022 Declaration, reaching consensus around the proposed actions steps, and evaluating the work of the International Council for JPIC.

The Order’s JPIC event ended on a festive note.  The friar community in Petropolis invited the visiting friars to a cultural night.  It began with a married couple presenting a delightful regional dance from Brazil.   It was followed by a local folklore dance group that beautifully displayed their German culture harkening back to the strong German part of the heritage of the city of Petropolis. The next day, the brothers gradually returned to their places of work and mission.