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Campaign of the Laudato Si’ Revolution

The JPIC Office launched the Laudato Si’ Revolution on May 24, a global movement for integral and ecological conversion, i.e., environmental, economic, and social ecology. There are several initiatives in it, such as lifestyle change, energy transition, Laudato Si’ pilgrimage, etc. Also, the JPIC Office decided to collaborate with Br. Sandesh Manuel, OFM, musician, guitarist, and YouTuber, for a series of video campaigns to promote the Revolution. The first video will be released on July 15, the feast of St. Bonaventure with the title, “Respect the Divine Good in the Creation.” The powerful message of the video urges the viewers to change their perspectives and hearts to recognize the Creator in Creation.

“Christ is found in all creation, including the earth—we call home.

The theology of creation by St. Bonaventure says that God can be found in all creatures because they are created out of God’s unconditional LOVE. According to him, the Creation is the open Bible (Bible and earth), the first Revelation. But few people realize that their actions and indifference towards the well-being of the earth and the people in the periphery are symbolic and synonymous with the suffering of our beloved Savior.

We need to create a new culture, a new civilization that gives full respect to the infinite Love and Goodness of God in Creation. Only then will we be able to sing together with St. Francis of Assisi and St. Bonaventure ‘Praised be the Lord of Creation (Laudato Si’ Mi Signore)!’ You and me, all of us are being called to this revolutionary mission today, the revolution of tenderness, the revolution of vigor: Laudato Si’ Revolution!”

Every single Franciscan is invited to this movement. Watch the whole video: