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Dear sisters and brothers, 

Humbly yet with their heart and charism, Franciscans continue to speak out and offer solutions to the “rulers of the world” at the United Nations. In our 2021 Annual Report, you can find out how we worked hand in hand with Franciscan brothers and sisters in Uganda, Central America or in the Solomon Islands, among many other places.

That’s not all: our deep concerns about environmental justice and the climate crisis have kept us working night and day to compel our leaders to act. In this report you will discover how Franciscans did their share to forge new, historic, tools at the UN. As our outgoing President, Joseph Rozansky OFM, puts it: “the preservation of our Common Home is not only a moral duty but also a legal obligation as it is essential for our survival and well-being.”

I warmly invite you to share this annual report in your communities and networks should you find it relevant.

Ultimately our work relies on the backing of the Franciscan family worldwide and those who feel close to it. I would like to express our gratitude for both your moral and financial support, without which our common ministry would not be possible. This year, your contributions will again make a profound difference to all Franciscans engaged for justice and dignity both at the grassroots and at the United Nations.

With thanks and fraternal greetings,

Fr. Markus Heinze, OFM
Executive Director
Franciscans International