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We Korean OFM JPIC committee held an Open Dialogue on fundraising for ‘Biscuit for Myanmar’ (Emergency Food Assistance for Myanmar refugees) from 16:00 to 18:00 on July 14 at San Damiano cafe, with KOCO (Korean Solidarity for Overseas Community Organization) as a co-organizer.

The ‘Biscuit for Myanmar’ project is being carried out in Maesot, a Thai border town adjacent to Myanmar. In Maesot, there is a group of Myanmar refugees who fled arrests for resisting the military. They are now willing to help the refugees on the Myanmar side and have initiated and implemented the project with the cooperation of KOCO.

The event saw the participation of 40 attendees. It included a briefing on the project and Myanmar’s situation since the coup in 2021, a dialogue session with a resistance activist from Myanmar and Biscuit workers in Maesot conducted on Zoom, and a choir performance by the sisters and Myanmar youths.


Fr. Jong-Hwa Aloysio(Louis), Kim, OFM
JPIC Animator from Korea