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Since the year 2007, the franciscan province of the Imaculate Conception from Brazil is present in Rocinha, one of the largest Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. To begin with this experience the participants of the International Council of JPIC, early in the morning of November 23rd began their journey.

After the “cafezinho” (cup of coffee) two of the brothers living at the favela took a group of participants to show them a sector of the community. During the tour, the closeness that the sons of St. Francis maintain with people was verified. The relationship they establish from the simplicity of life and the capacity for reception was evident. In addition, on weekends temporarily professed brothers, students of theology, come to the fraternity to collaborate in pastoral care.

 At the end of the guided tour, in which each of the visitors got an idea of the reality of the place, the fraternity offered a delicious lunch with some parishioners.

 The day ended with a visit to Christ the Redeemer, a famous national and religious monument throughout Brazil.