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It begun with the participation by Sora Tajoursi ( house cook) and her husband Hassan who collect unsold-spoiled vegetables and fruits from the markets in Larache. After two-three months, compost soil is ready for filtering and putting it in the milk cartoons and for use in the garden. Presently, there are three compost sites in the friary


3 R’s-Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in the friary leads to Zero Basura, out  of tin cans, papers, and bottles turn into decors. In the convent, we have  the Zero basura program.The plastic bottles, yogurt , and milk cartoons are used to  grow plants.

First Ecological Orientation-Composting

Sr. Cleotilde gave a session on Ecology-composting to Amal Tasmin, Sora Tajoursi, Sara Tajoursi, and Melito Pinili, on Morocco. As a result of this orientation, the participants became the Ecological Animators who planned to have Ecological formation in P. Lerchundi Cultural center with the students.

Formation on ecology-composting and recycling

In preparing for the formation, several meeting for planning, inviting the students in the P. Lerchundi center has done by the animators: Melito Pinili, Amal Tasmin, Sora Tajoursi,  Maroua Boukour and Maryam boukour. The main speaker was Sr. Cleotilde who discussed the topic of Ecology and Composting while Melito shared about Ecology-recycling. The participants also have their outing in the beach, eating breakfast together during Ramadan. Fifteen participants received the certificates.

Summer Children Ecological Activities

On July 15-27, 2018, Monday to Thursday  from eleven in the morning up to two o’clock in the afternoon, the animators: Maroua  Boukour, Marym Boukour, Sora Tajouarsi, and Melito Pinili invited the children aged from 7-12 years old to participate for  the Summer Children Ecological Activities in P. Lerchundi Center, Larache, Morocco. Twenty children joined the programs like playing games, painting, recycling, alphabetization, feeding ,  outing in the beach, singing, and knowing to play chess. At the end, the children received gifs like bags and school supplies.

Br. Melito Pinili, OFM