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Lenten season encourages both Franciscans, Christians and people of goodwill to address society’s problems and advocate for positive change.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, it involves reflection, prayer, fasting, repentance, and charity. Lenten reminds us of our mortal nature and encourages us to turn from sin, praise God, pray, renounce the world, love poverty, trust in God’s providence, and serve others.

Our spiritual mood of lent is to inform the public, share the problems affecting our society, and advocate for positive change. For us in Kenya, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops calls for all Christians and people of goodwill to join them in addressing these problems and advocating for change. By joining this walk together, our small voices become much louder, and each individual ‘s action is multiplied.

With this in mind I would like to invite us all to reflect in preparation for the two important jubilee celebrations that is the 10 years Laudato Si encyclical anniversary and the 800 years of the canticle of creation.

As we prepare for Easter, we are committed to spiritual transformative one of the values of We commit to “ecological conversion,” the ongoing transformation of our hearts toward greater love with our Creator and creation. We take time to listen to God’s message in creation “with awe and wonder” (LS 11). We reflect on our words and actions, humbly acknowledge where we are falling short, and practice new ways of living simply and in solidarity with creation.

Caring for one another We cultivate a “culture of care” (LS 231) for one another, ourselves, and all living beings that share our common home. We honor each other’s gifts and limitations. We celebrate our relationships.

Being prophetic

We heed “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” (LS 49) by urging ambitious action for ecological and climate justice. We act in solidarity with communities that carry an unjust burden of the ecological crisis, including future generations.

We strategically challenge structures of sin and call for “radical change” (LS 171), while being open to dialogue.  Our prophetic work is always nonpartisan and nonviolent.

Wishing you a very happy Easter 2024 May the risen Lord be a blessing to each and everyone of you.

Mary Wangari Sebastian, LSSJ

Animation Committee