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So, this Lent, let us, together with our Franciscan Friars in Singapore, join forces to make amends for our sins against God’s Creation – by embarking on this Lenten journey of conversion from Cosmic Dust to an Easter Garden!

Our relationship with the environment can never be isolated from our relationship with others and with God. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than romantic individualism dressed up in ecological garb
– Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

In his encyclical, Laudato Si’, Pope Francis exhorts each one of us to care for our common home. In our Lenten journey this year at St Mary’s, let us unite as ONE BODY in Christ, as we focus on repentance, renewal and restoration of our lives and of the world we live in, and take steps to become better stewards of the earth.

Download and use this Lenten booklet to help you journey through the weeks of Lent as you prepare for Holy Week and Easter. There will be suggested reflections, prayers and calls to repentance & action, which you can use in your family, groups or as individuals.