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On Wednesday, July 27, Br. Jaime Campos and Br. Daniel Rodríguez, representing the General Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC), had an enriching meeting with the Executive Council for the Missions and Evangelization of the Order (CEME).

The General Chapter of the Order of 2021 entrusted the General Secretariat for Missions and Evangelization with the task of preparing “a Ratio Evangelizationis for the Order that is in harmony with the magisterial teaching of the Church and the documents of the Order” (Mandate 20). For this reason, the friars involved in CEME held a face-to-face meeting at the General Curia from July 26 to 29 to advance in the execution of the previously mentioned mandate.

Br. Francisco Gómez, OFM, General Secretary for the Missions and Evangelization, invited on behalf of CEME the friars from the JPIC General Office to exchange some reflections and provide important input toward formulating the Ratio Evangelizationis of the Order from the perspective of Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

Br. Jaime and Br. Daniel offered some principles that had already been incorporated into the General Constitutions of the Order, in the Ratio Formationis Franciscanae, as well as in some subsidies published by the Office and in its own peculiar Statutes. Likewise, those friars emphasized the values of justice and peace, as well as the Franciscan commitment to a defense of human rights, care for creation, reconciliation, prophetic denunciation of injustice, solidarity and insertion with the poor, as informing the possible, concrete actions that characterize Franciscan evangelization.

The contribution made by JPIC toward the drafting of the Ratio Evangelizationis along with the ongoing dialogue that informs the next steps of this process have been appreciated and valued.

Br. Daniel Rodríguez, OFM

Franciscan JPIC Office in Rome