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Emergency Call to Action

Stop the Killing of Innocent Civilians in Myanmar!!!

Global campaign promoted by:

Franciscan Family JPIC in Korea
Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity in Korea
Korean Buddhist Action for Myanmar
Asia Buddhist Coalition for Democracy and Justice  

Action No.1 Sign petition to put pressure on the UN

This petition is an urgent call for the UN Security Council and its members – especially the US and China – to intervene in the Myanmar crisis.

Action No.2 Organize protests and/or prayers in front of the embassies of China and US

The UN Security Council must immediately adopt the resolution on Myanmar. This petition urgently calls for the US and China, the two most powerful countries, to take appropriate actions to stop the massacre by the Myanmar military junta.

We urge the religious communities and civil society organizations around the world to protest and/or hold prayers in front of the embassy, the consulate, and other public buildings of China and the US.

Official Web site: www.petitionformyanmar.org