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The annual meeting between the General Minister, the General Definitory and the presidents of the thirteen Conferences of the Order and the Custos of the Holy Land Custody was held this week. Fourteen brothers in total have come to the General Curia from the five continents.

The JPIC Office was invited to present a report on the JPIC promotion work in the Order and perspectives for the future. We have informed the presidents about the JPIC work in each Conference, giving each of them a detailed Conferential report of the last two years. Likewise, we present some concrete proposals to carry out the document of the Plenary Council of the Order from the perspective of JPIC.

Finally, we’d like to share with you the homily that Fr. Cielito Almazán, OFM, President of the East Asia Conference, addressed to us this morning.

“…My dear brothers, somehow we are like Peter and other apostles discussing how to carry out evangelization today. 
Many of us still impose the old ways, old theologies, old platforms, old mindsets when we deal with the youth, with the migrants, with our young candidates and friars. We love more our structures and history, reminiscing our good old days, justifying what we have done in the past, and we love less our brothers who differ from us, who are uprooted from their culture and loved ones. We love less the new candidates who have different breeding, who speak a different language.
Often, we lack ongoing formation or do not have a proper reading of the signs of the times or proper way to handle ourselves in the midst of poverty, migration, discriminations, violation of human rights and violence suffered by the countless innocent children, women and laborers…”

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Br. Jaime Campos F., OFM
JPIC Office, Rome