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JPIC Media

In the era of digital communication, JPIC-Media wants to consolidate an international and intercultural network for the formation, mediation and promotion of JPIC values in the mass media.

JPIC-Media, through digital campaigns and initiatives, wants to make JPIC’s strategic plans alive for the internal (OFM) and external public (Franciscan Family and followers on social networks).

Our objectives:

  • Create digital contents for JPIC
  • Create digital action networks

Executive Team

Santiago Gonzalez, OFM

Santiago Gonzalez, OFM

Spanish Team Coordinator

Miriam Oyarzo, FMSC

Miriam Oyarzo, FMSC

Italian Team Coordinator

Cesar Lindembergh, OFM

Cesar Lindembergh, OFM

Portuguese Team Coordinator

Campaigns 2020

Christmas greeting

Human Rigths Day

World Day of The Poor

Listen to the Wind: St. Francis Fest

Laudato Si’ Revolution Rap 

World Day of Migrants and Refugees

World Environment Day

Friars For Future

World Water Day

World Earth Day