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Achievement of the private mixed Franciscan college of Santa Clara

The Private Mixed College of Santa Clara is an educational establishment that is very aware of being part of the change needed to face the present environmental problem.  For this reason it is working on the project called “The Ecological Complex of Saint Francis of Assisi”.

This project is a dream we have:  to be able to motivate love, care and respect for our common home in the children and young people of our educational community. And thus benefit the opportunities and life prospects of not only our own institution but also of the whole population of the Arequipa-Perú  Region.

In addition, to strengthen the promotion of an ecological culture through the practice of new habits, activities and the formation of values in the members of the community.  These are divided into teams, brigades and mini-companies to form leaders with a view to concrete actions:  developing, experiencing and practicing a harmonious relation between humankind, nature and their Creator. They are guided by  Franciscan values which are rooted in love of neighbour and respect for the environment so as to reach God.

In the year 2019 “The Ecological Complex of St. Francis of Assisi” took part in the competition of good environmental practice and obtained the “RECOGNITION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL  ACHIEVEMENT” award.  Because of the pandemic it was not possible to make the award in March 2020. Recently we received this award which was the only one to be awarded at a national level.  The college and Franciscan family are proud of this achievement and are committed to continuing this project of caring for our common home and of recovering the green areas.

Humberto Lozano Noa

Teachers working on the green roofs

Teaching and sharing with other schools of the community

Work with caps of soft-drink bottles “Festival for Peace”