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Colegio Quintana – Catamarca – Argentina

A project started at a Franciscan college in the capital of the Catamarca Province, which is located in the Northwest of the Country. It was an initiative of a group of teachers in response to the need to carry out concrete actions on issues that deeply affect daily life, such as global warming and deforestation.

“The Franciscan spirit led to the design of a long-term project of tree planting to be carried out at schools at first. Its objective was to plant 1,000 trees of native species, contributing to the identity of the people and their origins”


Every time they carried out tree planting activities within the framework of the project, the events proved the reason why it is publicized so much through social networks to celebrate together the joy of planting one more tree. Currently, not only members of the educational community but those interested in the project have participated and made consultations and contributions, making the project go beyond the school.

By giving each planted tree proper number, one can easily identify each one of them and thus accompany it afterward. In some cases, the trees were given specific names. It was a gesture to honor those who are meaningful to the life of the participants in the project.


Br. Franco Rodríguez, OFM

Pastoral Coordinator
FranciscanEducation Center
Padre Ramón de la Quintana
Catamarca – Argentina